Motion Sensor(AAA Battery)

Smart Station Required


The LifeSmart’s Cube Motion Sensor (AAA Battery) detects movement. Upon detection, notifications will be sent to your mobile devices via the LifeSmart App. Alternatively, a light can be triggered upon entering a room that is too dim. If connected with LifeSmart Smart Home Wi-Fi Camera, you can trigger a snap shot that can be directly be sent to your mobile device.


Wide Detection Range
Fast Response
More Durable AAA Battery
Real-time Feedback Notification
Multiple Triggers


Working Humidity:5~90%
Working Temperature:-5~45℃
Wireless Range:200M(Open Field)
Battery Type:AAA Battery



1. Can it be powered by AAA battery?


2. What is the detection range of Motion Sensor?

It about 3 to 4 meters.

3. What is the difference between Motion Sensor and CUBE Motion Sensor?

The power supply is not the same. And it supports further detection range.